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Welcome to Best Paw Forward

Our Kennel Club Listed team of experienced trainers are passionate about dogs and committed to using positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques to create a safe and fun learning environment. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, our club offers a variety of classes and programmes tailored to your specific needs. We also host a number of annual educational events and seminars to help further your knowledge and expertise in a multitude of fields.

Our club is run by head trainer Lyn Church and her daughter-in-law Lynda Church, both of whom are Veterinary Nurses, Championship Level Show Judges and have an abundance of experience and qualifications, having worked with breeds from Chihuahuas and Lhasa Apsos to Belgian Shepherds and Great Danes. Lyn’s son Shane is also a trainer at the club and Championship Level Show Judge who runs our Ringcraft Training classes alongside his wife and fellow trainer Lynda.

All new members will receive packs of amazing natural treats kindly donated by Fish4Dogs. They’re fantastic at keeping your canine companion's teeth nice and clean and are completely natural so no nasties.

Best Paw Forward offers four different training class types, all of which are open to all dog breeds and their owners. 

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, otherwise known as obedience training is a scheme established by the Kennel Club in 1992. The scheme is a fun and effective way to enhance your relationship with your dog, while also improving basic obedience behaviours. The scheme is open to all dogs including pedigrees or crossbreeds. Learn more

Our Scentwork Training classes can be undertaken just for fun, or to work towards competing and qualifications. Scentwork is a fun and rewarding activity that is mentally stimulating and enriching. Scentwork Training is open to all dogs including pedigrees or crossbreeds. Learn more

Ringcraft Training classes are to train both the handler and dog in preparation for entering the show ring. Your dog will learn to socialise, and get used to the show environment and what is expected of them as a show dog. As competitive showing is only for Kennel Club registered breeds, only pedigree breeds are advised to take part in Ringcraft Training classes. Learn more

Our Canine First Aid seminars are held several times throughout the year and equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to administer first aid to your dog in the event of a medical emergency. You will learn lots of different techniques covering different scenarios such as CPR, treatment of minor injuries and heatstroke. Suitable for all. Learn more

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The Importance of Canine Dental Care
What is Discover Dogs?

Discover Dogs is the brainchild of The Kennel Club and is a truly exciting event that celebrates our four-legged canine companions. The annual event at Crufts each March is a high-spirited, fun showcase for all things dog.

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So you are thinking of buying a puppy? There is a breed for everyone, some people prefer a Great Dane, others a Chihuahua, some like long coats some like smooth coats, do you have the time and patience to cope?

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