What is Discover Dogs?

Discover Dogs is the brainchild of The Kennel Club and is a truly exciting event that celebrates our four-legged canine companions. The annual event at Crufts each March is a high-spirited, fun showcase for all things dog. Dog lovers, enthusiasts and potential new owners alike gather to explore the fascinating history of each dog breed. 

Picture a large hall filled with fur and wagging tails, with each stand full of happy and loving four-legged friends that represent a unique breed, perfectly presented by knowledgeable breeders and devoted owners. At Discover Dogs, you're not just a spectator; you're one of many curious people interacting with dogs from all over the world to expand your knowledge or find your perfect breed.

Discover Dogs provides a unique opportunity to engage with different breeds firsthand, ask questions, observe temperaments, and discover the nuances that make each breed special. Whether you're planning on welcoming a new four-legged friend into your family, or you simply enjoy the happiness that canine companionship offers, you’ll gain a wealth of information and insight into the characteristics and care needs of a vast array of dog breeds.

It's not just an educational day out; it's a celebration of the unbreakable bond between humans and their canine companions. Looking past the fur and frolics, Discover Dogs advocates responsible dog ownership, looks to raise awareness about different breeds, and emphasises the importance of understanding their individual needs. It's somewhere where information flows freely, experiences are shared, and the joy of being a dog owner is celebrated.

Whether you’re navigating the exciting world of choosing the perfect breed for your family and lifestyle or if you’re well versed in your breeds and know your Toy breeds from your Utility and Pastoral from your Hounds, Discover Dogs is a fantastic event for the whole family where you can bask in the wonderful world of dogs. Education, engagement and appreciation all merge into one to make for a truly unforgettable day out.