Meet Some of our Happy Customers

Our aim is for you to enjoy your training in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Once you relax, so will your dog and we feel our results speak for themselves.  We have put a  great many dogs, of a huge variety of breeds, through the Good Citizen Scheme, including breeds not normally associated with being easy to train,  such as Chihuahua, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, King Charles Spaniel, Pug and Beagle to name but a few.  We feel that our success rate speaks for itself but our main priority is for you to enjoy your classes and to walk away satisfied at the end of your course.

Feedback is always welcome and we feel it is necessary to ensure that we stay on the right track.  Below is a selection of testimonials from our clients.
'Simply the Best'        Sarah C
Great club.  Excellent trainers.  Friendly atmosphere.  100% recommended.
'Best Training Club'          Ruth R
My dog is very stubborn and used to be very disobedient.  A couple of classes at Best Paw Forward changed her completely.  She can now sit, lay down, stay, wait, etc.  It helped her to being more sociable with other dogs, and she absolutely adores going there!  The atmosphere is great, everyone friendly, and the cakes are to die for!
'Friendly, professional dog training club - improves behaviour and relationship between owner and dog'                                                                                                              Anna S
I have attended a number of different dog training courses over the years and I would have to say this one is excellent.
I have three dogs - all of different ages, and I have attended courses at Best Paw Forward with my first two dogs and plan to with my third dog.
The classes are straight forward, taught in a kind and friendly manner.  Every question I had was answered with care - however silly I though the question might be.
My dogs have benefitted from the knowledge I gained from the courses, their behaviour improved and I found my methods of controlling them improved.
All round the relationship I have with them at home, in the park and out on the streets has benefitted from the training.
The courses are extremely well organised, good value for money and the dogs love them.
I would strongly recommend Best Paw Forward Training for any dog owner - whether you have a new puppy, a rescue dog, a middle aged dog or even a senior.​
'Great dog trainer and friendly people'                          Michelle C
It's really good there.  As my son loves going there and learning new things.  Since my dog got hit by a car and was not listening she has improved to listen and wait.  And she gets excited to go training every week.  And she knows where she's going on Thursdays to dog training.​​

'Great dog trainer and friendly people'                                        Marie C

I have never been able to get my dogs to do anything.  I went to other clubs with no results, joined Best Paw Forward and now my dog actually sits wait and comes when I call her.  I love going and learning new things.  The trainer is lovely.  The club has lots of friendly people that attend.  The cakes to die for and tea is on tap.  What else could you wish for.​​

'The Dark Arts'           John H
​Before me and Bosun started the course, I thought that dog training was part of the dark arts, and all examiners were people of dubious parentage.  Thanks to Best Paws and all the team, you have now let daylight in on magic and shown me how easy it is and how nice everyone is.  Big thanks.  PS:  Fantastic cake.

Dog Training                    Pamela H
Great friendly club. The training is all positive and effective. All classes have a really friendly and fun atmosphere. Highly recommended.

The Best Dog Training Club Ever      Carol S

I took my young Bracco Italiano to this club for training. The trainers are so professional, but cater for ever single dog on an individual basis .I never thought Leone would pass his bronze in the beginning but the two Lyns worked their magic and he has become a different dog .And passed his Bronze .The atmosphere is so friendly everyone supports each other , a great night training with lovely people
Thank you from myself and Leone see you for the silver xx

Absolutely fantastic club!       Lydia

We joined the club over a year ago and our dog loves it since the first day. Fantastic trainer, very professional and experienced. Dogs and owners loves it. Would recommend to everyone!

Brilliant Dog Training Club       Jacky L

Lovely friendly club. The trainers are brilliant. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and abilities, taught together and results achieved. My dog passed his KC Bronze Good Citizen Award in 8 weeks. Dogs with issues are also welcomed with loads of support and back up as needed. Lovely hall, access to refreshments, plenty of parking. KC Bronze, Silver and Gold plus other training's available. If you are looking for a good dog training club, with helpful supportive trainers in a good hall, then this is definately the club for you.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training       Julie W

My dog just passed her Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizens Test at Best Paw Forward Dog Club and found that the club is friendly with helpful experienced trainers, we've already enrolled fo the course to do the Silver Test and hopefully we'll go on to do the Gold Test all at the same club.