Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme​
The Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training programme in the UK.  It was established by the Kennel Club in 1992 to enable all owners to train their dogs to a nationally recognised standard.
The scheme provides a quality standard of training and is open to all dogs, pedigree and crossbreed, young and old alike.  There is no requirement for dogs to be registered with Kennel Club and owners of any level of fitness can participate.
The scheme is based on achieving a prescribed standard and as such is completely non competitive.

Here at Best Paw Forward we offer Bronze, Silver and Gold level courses.
Each course lasts 8 weeks, with  a test conducted by a Kennel Club authorised examiner on the final week.

The scheme is designed to promote responsible dog ownership so the exercises are designed around everyday situations.  The levels progressively develop the owners' understanding, and at the same time build the dog's levels of domestic obedience skills.

Full details of the scheme, including full descriptions of each of the awards are available on the Kennel Club website via the link below.